Hope for a Successful Capital Campaign,
or Plan for One

Hope is not a strategy. At CGS, our guiding principle is this: the effort invested before you launch your campaign will determine its outcome. You must have total confidence that your campaign will succeed. Our Pre-Campaign Assessment process is validated by a 100% success rate of those churches that have gotten the “green light” to launch their capital campaign.

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What We Do

Only churches, all the time. Since 1959, our only clients have been church congregations seeking to raise major capital dollars for building expansion, renovation, or debt reduction. It’s not that we didn’t have other opportunities: it’s just that we’ve intentionally chosen to stay focused on the unique needs of churches. We’ve done so not only because it’s what we know, it’s also what we love!

Building Expansion

Building Expansion

God has blessed your ministry with growth. You’ve concluded that a major building expansion is the inevitable next step. But, the need for a capital campaign to fund the project seems daunting. Where do you begin?

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Just like our bodies, as time passes your church facilities can show signs of aging. The physical image of your facilities may be discouraging to your congregation and creating a barrier to reach newcomers. A capital campaign for renovation can succeed, but requires a distinct approach.

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Debt Reduction

Debt Reduction

Paying off “yesterday’s dream” can be a challenge. There are no exciting plans for expansion or fancy architectural drawings to show to your congregation. And yet, you can create a compelling vision for debt reduction if you clearly and intentionally identify the “faces” of your campaign.

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How We Help

Your first and most important step to a successful capital campaign is our highly acclaimed Pre-Campaign Assessment. It is built upon one core premise: people sacrifice for that which they own, and they own that which they have helped to birth. We coach you to relentlessly pursue a strategy to engage the greatest number of people at the earliest possible moment in your project’s development. Doing so takes time and energy, but when your financial commitments are received – the impact will be substantial.

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Take Your Next Step

Any next step is without cost or obligation to you, so let us know where you’d like to go from here. Popular next steps include:

  • Exploring the implementation options available to you.
  • Scheduling a preliminary phone consultation to evaluate your campaign readiness.
  • Arranging an on-site presentation.
  • Requesting client references.
  • Preparing an estimate of your capital campaign capacity.
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