Do Church Projects Take Longer and Cost More?

July 12, 2023

There is a truism we’ve experienced in six decades of helping churches fund major projects. It’s simply this: “Your project will take longer and cost more than you originally planned.”

The maxim applies to projects of all types. Right now, some churches are experiencing a resurgence of in-person growth and require additional space. Others have a need to simply repurpose existing space to accommodate the realities of post-Covid ministry. And still others know they must address longstanding deferred maintenance issues that may blow up at any moment.

These projects will all take longer than originally planned. In fact, our experience is that most major projects take at least 2–3 years from initial identification of the need to realizing the finished solution. And remember, during this time inflation will continue to escalate your project costs. It’s never too early to begin planning!

One of the primary responsibilities of leadership is to search the far horizon, see things that others don’t, and then plan accordingly. As you peer into your horizon, maybe you see a major project like those described above. And you also recognize the “lag time“ from initial conception to final completion. Then the conclusion is obvious… as a leader you know you need to start now!

To help busy leaders get started, we’ve created a practical e-book entitled “Timing is Everything.” It will give you a practical first step to take to overcome that “deer in the headlights” feeling and kickstart your process.

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