Renovation projects require many of the same essentials for success found in building expansion projects. However, the following unique elements are also needed:

  • Word pictures – Make it easy for people to “see” the issue(s) at hand by communicating with word pictures. For example, it’s easy for people to see crowded hallways and classrooms, but a failing boiler is only seen by the custodian. In this situation you could paint the picture of a closed church (canceled services) due to no heat.
  • Photos/videos – Go beyond word pictures to use photos and videos that show people the need(s). If you tell people that the building foundation is cracking, nothing may happen, show them a picture and you’ve got their attention.
  • Change the focus – Building expansion projects are all about vision and taking “new territory.” Renovation projects focus on safety, security, accessibility, and good stewardship.
  • Cast vision – For a renovation project, seriously? Yes, it can be done. For example, “Company’s Coming” was a compelling campaign theme used by one of our clients during a renovation campaign that really says it all.
  • Emphasize legacy – No one wants to be part of a congregation that is remembered for letting the building fall into serious disrepair.

Renovation projects can succeed, but they require a different strategy. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you in developing creative solutions that work for your church.