Building Expansion

Years ago, the U.S. Army had a recruiting slogan – “the toughest job you’ll ever love”. That’s how we view church capital campaigns – some seriously hard work, punctuated by thrilling moments of achieving the extraordinary.

So, do you “have what it takes” to succeed? In our experience the key components needed for success are:

  • Leadership – From your lead pastor, support staff, and laypersons – there is no substitute for great leadership!
  • A God-given vision – Without it, not only do “people perish,” but capital campaigns fail to reach their potential.
  • Trust – church capital campaigns proceed at “the speed of trust.” If trust is low, your campaign will struggle.
  • Stories of changed lives – People invest in people, not buildings. So, tell stories that give them a real reason to sacrifice; paint a picture of the faces of those who will be reached.
  • A compelling case statement – Simply put, you must clearly answer these basic questions: why this project and why now?

Even a God-given vision will benefit from having a proven plan. At CGS, we’ve spent nearly six decades perfecting a process to coach churches on their journey. Contact us – we’ll be happy to share with you what we’ve learned.