• MortarStone

    MortarStone is generosity intelligence. Using intuitive analytics and professional strategy, MortarStone helps you grow your church attendance and increase ministry funding.
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  • Volunteer Recruitment – Filling the Empty Chairs

    May 1, 2019

    Once you have your “A-team” leaders in place, it’s time to start filling those empty chairs with volunteers. We know recruitment may feel overwhelming, so we would like to share some simple steps that we have found to be helpful. Determining the optimum team size for each team is an important first step. Some simple research into overall tasks and [...]
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  • Gifts of Tangible Personal Property and Life Insurance

    March 18, 2019

    When it comes to creative stewardship, people are often encouraged to think “outside the box”. Sometimes, however, it pays to think “inside the box” — inside the boxed treasures found inside their own home. Many people own valuable physical assets that can be creatively gifted to your ministry. Tangible Personal Property Physical assets are referred to by the IRS as “tangible [...]
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  • Real Estate Gifts

    March 11, 2019

    Will Rogers famously exclaimed “Buy land. They ain’t making any more of the stuff”. For those of us seeking to encourage creative generosity, we might paraphrase this to say – “give land, or any other type of real estate, and receive a great tax benefit”. Just like gifts of securities, real estate can provide donors with many of the [...]
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  • Arbor Research Report Uncovers Surprising Church Capital Campaign Realities

    February 15, 2019

    There are many myths associated with church capital campaigns. Here at CGS, we decided it was time to investigate the myths and find reality. To do so, we commissioned an independent agency (Arbor Research) to conduct a rigorous research project. Their study encompassed 52 pastors representing 17 different denominations. The findings from the study were surprising and many myths got [...]
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  • The Benefits of Non-Cash Giving

    January 24, 2019

    What percentage of your constituent’s total assets would you say are found in cash or checking accounts? Answer: about 10%. What percentage of your annual church giving comes from cash or checking accounts? Answer: generally 95% (and sometimes more!). What’s wrong with this picture? “What’s wrong” is that most church leaders do not actively seek non-cash gifts. This is unfortunate [...]
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  • NEXT Consulting Services

    Our strategic partnership with NEXT Consulting Services aligns CGS with seasoned professionals who share our values and are highly experienced in the para-church ministries that we do not directly serve. With over 100 years of cumulative non-profit and business leadership experience to draw from, NEXT Consulting Services has the heart and expertise to assist ministries with a variety of [...]
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  • Capital Campaign Impact: Church Health and Momentum

    November 19, 2018

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  • Church Building Projects – A Clinical Approach

    November 5, 2018

    If you were to visit the famed Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota with a serious health issue, you would immediately notice a significant aspect of their service model. All of your medical specialists would gather around the table with you to discuss your diagnosis and create the treatment plan. Using such a clinical approach has obvious benefits – the [...]
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  • Capital Campaign Impact: Church Conflict

    October 8, 2018

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