Our Process

  1. Pre-Campaign

    Get Ready

    By some estimates, as many as 50% of the churches in America have a set of blueprints gathering dust in the pastor’s office because the project was never built. Our goal is to see that never happens to your church. To accomplish this, we begin with our distinctive process called the Pre-Campaign Assessment – but it is far more than merely an “assessment” – it is where we intentionally coach church leaders on best practices to present your project. The strategy typically includes developing a compelling case statement, making presentations, inviting focus-group feedback, conducting confidential interviews, and surveying the congregation. By measuring your congregational enthusiasm and ownership and comparing it to our exclusive database of churches, we determine if your congregation has a “green light” to succeed with your capital campaign. You might think of it as a “stress test” for your capital campaign – similar to the diagnostics your physician might use before giving you the “green light” to run a marathon.

  2. Campaign

    Make Commitments

    Your “Get Ready” (Step 1) resulted in a bright “green light.” You can now confidently proceed to launch your capital campaign (Step 2), and challenge your people to make generous, sacrificial commitments to the vision of your building project. And, they will commit generously – because of what they have already revealed to you in the Pre-Campaign Assessment. You are not moving forward “blindly in the dark,” but rather confidently, with your eyes wide open in the full light of day. Your campaign goal, strategy, and leadership team were clearly identified in Step 1 with the help of your congregation. You can’t miss. It’s like receiving all of the answers to the test before taking the big exam!

  3. Campaign

    Gather The Resources

    Your previous Step 2 just concluded with the biggest celebration moment in recent church history. Capital campaign commitments blew past your financial goal! Your campaign is over . . . actually, it is just beginning! Successful capital campaigns aren’t just about what is committed – more importantly they are about what is actually received. At CGS, we routinely achieve collection rates of 95%-105% of the amount committed by coaching church leaders to develop an intentional three-year master communications plan. It is built on one core premise: you can “thank people into faithfulness.” It’s not really rocket science, and it is vitally important. The goal is to have every one of your capital campaign participants as excited when they write their very last check as they were when they wrote their first!


  • Maximize Campaign Results

    Every church wants not just a good campaign, but a great campaign. In order to do that, you need to know the heart of your congregation and what they are willing to sacrifice to see the mission accomplished. The unique CGS Pre-Campaign Assessment ensures you do just that.

  • Turning Spectators into Players

    Right from the start, our strategy will be highly participative. We will coach you to get your people in the game sooner rather than later.

  • Fits Your DNA

    The only way to truly customize a capital campaign plan is to gain intimate knowledge of who you are. Our Pre-Campaign Assessment achieves that level of insight.

  • A "Safe" Third-Party

    We value honest counsel. People will often tell church leaders what they believe they want to hear, or nothing at all. What you don't know can kill your capital campaign. We listen really well.

  • Ability to “Read Your Chart”

    It's not all that difficult to gather data – it's another thing to have an extensive historical database and the depth of experience with which to wisely interpret it.

  • No False Starts or Failed Campaigns

    Because the process is anchored by our proven Pre-Campaign Assessment as well as six decades of experience, we know the difference between a “green light” and a "yellow" or "red" one.

Fee Structure

Guiding principles:

  • At CGS we value honest counsel. We will share what we’ve learned about your church and best practices to maximize your results with honesty and integrity, even if that means it doesn’t benefit our company.
  • We will tailor our services (fees) to the unique requirements of each client – not from a “standard” fee schedule.
  • There should be no surprises – the initial fee quoted will always be the final fee that you pay.


  • Fees paid should be commensurate with the work that is accomplished – no more or no less. Upfront “retainer” fees are not required.
  • Our fees are always fixed dollar amounts – no percentages!
  • Consultant time is unlimited. However, a specified number of on-site trips will be established within the fixed fee.

"With Church Growth Services help, we began a journey that encouraged us to consider that stewardship was not so much about money, but more about the heart. Bill carefully led us as we prayed, shared, prayed some more and ultimately committed ourselves to the task and funding of the project that we believed God had directed us to do."

Pastor Tom Townsend, Sr. Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church