Worship Facility Insecurity – What?

October 9, 2020

“Worship facility insecurity” – no, it’s not a new psychological disorder, but a serious emerging challenge for church leaders who currently meet in rented or leased facilities (think public schools or movie theaters).

Let’s face it – COVID has created tremendous uncertainty. For example, public school plans for the fall 2020 semester seem to change daily. School administrators have enough trouble managing the complexities of students attending in-person classes, let alone accommodating an influx of hundreds (or even thousands) of people attending weekend church services in their building. It’s no wonder some of them are opting to cancel rental contracts with churches rather than deal with the additional risks and exposures.

Behaviors are Changing

Simultaneously, a significant behavioral change is also underway due to COVID — a strong desire to control our environment! It’s why people are vacationing in RVs, not hotels; traveling by car, not planes; and eating at home, not in restaurants. It’s also why church leaders may want to seize this extraordinary moment and gain control of the facility in which their church is meeting.

Here’s the Good News!

Inside every crisis is a hidden opportunity just waiting to be discovered! Consider these emerging trends:

  • Commercial real estate is in a downward trend that may just be getting started.
  • The number of church buildings being closed each year will likely increase, perhaps dramatically (This is a very sad reality, but the trend is undeniable).
  • Interest rates are at historic lows.

So, What’s the Hidden Opportunity?

This just might be the time to take control of your physical environment by purchasing the type of facility that you are already renting! At CGS, we’ve been helping to resource a number of churches doing just that. Why rent when you can buy? (And then be in control).

Time to Get Creative

If your church is at risk of “worship facility insecurity”:

  • Take a deep dive look at your community for possible buildings to purchase.
  • Run the numbers of lease vs purchase – they might surprise you (we can help).
  • Consider some of the related benefits of having control of your own space — such as redeploying hundreds of hours of busy volunteers from weekly “building set up” to ministry impact!

If you’re experiencing “worship facility insecurity” by being in rented space, now may be the time to take action! This could be a defining moment for your future ministry growth and momentum.