Why CGS?

The “Get Ready” Company – 

We believe “getting ready” (Pre-Campaign Assessment) is so important that we won’t begin your campaign without it – you deserve to know your campaign will succeed before it is launched. Our Pre-Campaign Assessment process tells you whether you have a “green light,” “yellow light,” or “red light” to proceed with your campaign. If it’s green, we will tell you why. If it’s yellow or red, we will outline the specific steps needed to help you get to a bright, “green light”.

Deep Experience – 

When you hire a consulting firm, you are paying for their experience. Yes, we know, every firm says they have experience, but do they have six decades of corporate church consulting experience? Do they have an active Senior Consultant/CEO with four decades of experience? Members of our current team have successfully implemented capital campaigns in environments ranging from the hyperinflation of the 1970s to the “great recession” of the 2000’s.

Team Consulting Model – 

Every client is assigned a Campaign Consultant as the “point person” to manage our relationship with your leaders. In addition, the Senior Consultant collaborates on every campaign and a Client Service Coordinator is assigned to handle administrative functions. Our team regularly collaborates to ensure your success.

Client Friendly, Accountable Fee Schedules – 

At CGS, we believe in “pay-as-you-go.” You retain us twice – initially for the Pre-Campaign Assessment and subsequently only if you get a “green light” to proceed with your campaign. Additionally, a significant portion of your campaign fee can be paid over three years from the proceeds of your new financial commitments.