How to Recruit Your “A-Team”

May 2, 2021

Here at CGS we are often asked about the factors needed to ensure a successful capital campaign. Many could be mentioned, but in our experience few are more important than the quality of the campaign leadership team. In other words, you must recruit the “A – team”!

You may be wondering “How do I identify and recruit the most qualified candidates?” The first thing we suggest is that you pray about it and ask the Lord to bring people to mind. God understands the talents and qualifications of each person in your congregation and knows them better than you ever could.

Next, select the most qualified person – don’t compromise on this guideline! Even if you feel like that person will not agree, make them your first choice. You never know unless you ask and God can work in hearts in some amazing ways.

Once you have an initial list of your most qualified individuals, it’s time to start recruiting. We find that it’s best to talk to potential team leaders in person – emails or texts are not nearly as effective, and should be avoided. During this conversation, communicating the following four points will help your recruitment success:

  1. Define the job. Clearly stating the purpose, goals, and benefits of achieving success communicates the importance of the position.
  2. Make it finite. Give the person the general campaign timeline. Letting them know there is a defined ending point will help busy individuals feel like they can commit.
  3. Provide support. Let the person know that church staff and your consultant will provide all the resources necessary for them to be successful in the position.
  4. Tell them they are the most qualified. Explain that your goal is to have the “A-team” for this job and you believe they are the most qualified. Be prepared with several reasons why you feel they will be the best person for the position.

The above strategy will work to recruit leaders for any ministry team, not just for your capital campaign. So tuck this information away for future reference.