Maple City Chapel

Maple City Chapel
Goshen, IN
Campaign Type:
Building Renovation
Campaign Theme:
Operation Next
Campaign Financial Commitments:
$1.0 M

Client Challenge

Maple City Chapel owns an amazing building with plenty of room to house everything from overnight outreach programs to indoor laser tag competitions. However, while the building is expansive, leadership felt that strategic improvements were needed to help visitors feel welcome and the children’s area needed improvements for safety as well as visual updates. The congregation at Maple City Chapel includes many young families, however the church family also has a strong focus on local and global missions. The challenge for leaders was to unite these two realities. The deeply held passion for mission outreach made the idea of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to improve their own building hard to swallow for many.

CGS Response

With the guidance of the CGS team, Senior Pastor Jay Shetler and Campaign General Chair Danny Miller decided to remind church members of the mission field right within their own walls each Sunday morning. Using the proven CGS campaign model, the leadership team communicated the project and vision to the entire congregation. They brought the outreach home by emphasizing that the children attending Sunday school are the local “Next” generation of Christians who will become the “Next” generation of global world changers.

Campaign Outcome

Throughout the campaign the congregation drew closer while working together towards a common goal. At the conclusion of a spiritually focused campaign, God blessed their total commitments which exceeded their “stretch goal” of $950,000. Now visitors enjoy the open and welcoming ambiance and church volunteers are appreciating the upgraded facilities. And maybe most importantly, the congregation truly embraced “Operation Next” and found a renewed passion for the children coming through the doors each Sunday.